WITH Covid numbers spiralling earlier this year, St John Ambulance stepped up to support the NHS on the Island.

St John Ambulance responds to health emergencies, supports communities, and saves lives, relying on the public’s generosity to do so.

Since February, St John has been putting its lifesaving skills to exceptional use, amounting to more than 300 additional shifts provided to the Island as well as a further 2,700 hours of ambulance coverage.

As St John's relationship with the NHS continues to grow, those offering their support to the Island has also increased.

The service's bright new ambulances can be seen on the ferry most days of the week, supporting mainland transfers to free up crews to remain on the Island.

These deployments have seen crews from as far afield as Bristol, Kent, and London.

Brigadier Maurice Sheen, chairman of Isle of Wight St John Priory Group, said: “As the #AskMe campaign shows, our training is world-class and literally lifesaving here on the Island, so it is excellent to see the St John logo on teams of men and women out there on the front line.

“I am so proud of the Island volunteers, as well as the teamwork and can-do attitude with crews from The Mainland.”

As the St John training is starting back up, there has never been a better time to update skills or apply to join.

For more information visit the St John Ambulance Isle of Wight Facebook page, view its website here, or call 0344 770 4800.