TESCO has resubmitted plans for the Freshwater Co-op site takeover, removing the huge gantry sign planners had rejected.

Last month, a planning application — to install Tesco signs on and around the newly acquired Freshwater store — was rejected due to one sign being too tall.

Objectors said the gantry sign, which would sit on the side of Afton Road, was 'visually intrusive', standing at 5.7 metres tall and internally illuminated.

It compared to the current Co-op sign at only 4.3 metres, which was only lit during store hours.

Council officers had significant concerns over the gantry sign which led to the rejection of the application.

Three days after the rejection, Tesco has now submitted another planning application for signage but without the gantry sign.

This application, 21/01936/ADV, seeks to install the signage council planning officers had deemed appropriate but does not include the gantry sign.

You can view the plans for the store signage on the council's planning portal, with comments accepted until Friday, November 5.

The sale of the Southern Co-Operative store was announced in June earlier this year, with it expected to be finalised in the autumn.

No date has yet been announced for the closure or the re-opening of the new superstore.

Tesco set to take on Freshwater's The Cooperative shop