Hullabaloo returns to Sandown today (Saturday), with science and wildlife, arts, music and carnival colour.

It is taking place at Browns Golf Course, on Yaverland seafront.

Although it will be smaller than usual (this year, it's called Hullabaloo Lite), organisers say there will be plenty going on - and it’s all free to enjoy.

It runs today (October 9) and tomorrow, Sunday, October 10, from 10am to 4pm, and there is a Saturday evening event too.

What's going on?

Explore Discovery Bay’s pop-up labs and join walks and talks, to learn all about the Isle of Wight Biosphere.

We are also being challenged to channel our inner rock star, at this year’s Cardboard Quest and to join Elvis and Dolly Parton, for the ultimate Battle of the Bands!

Tonight, from 7pm to 10pm, Browns hosts 'Moon, Music, Moths,' with acoustic music from Spammy Oatis, Rosie Sales and Greg Barnes, along with a chance to explore the night-time world of moths with the Discovery Bay crew.

Hullabaloo Lite is organised by Shademakers and The Common Space, with the help of Arc and Artecology.

Sharon George, of Shademakers UK, said: "Hullabaloo began in 2017 as our way to celebrate the natural and cultural character of Sandown Bay.

"We’re delighted and grateful to have received additional funding support this year from the Isle of Wight’s brilliant AONB team and Interreg."

Joel Bateman, from the Isle of Wight AONB, said: "Covid put the kybosh on people physically attending Hullabaloo in 2020, but the geniuses behind the scenes at Shademakers put together a fantastic event at home in partnership with Sandown’s finest artists, musicians and ecologists.

"This year, the Isle of Wight AONB has been lucky enough to have secured money from the European Union’s Interreg Programme and this is being used to help fund community and arts events to entice tourists back to the Island.

"We are really pleased to support this superb event and hope it draws an important line in the sand, where we can get back to celebrating the Island through art and science, safely together and as a community once again."