ALL-WEATHER ice skating is coming to Yarmouth this Christmas period.

For the very first time, an ice rink will be available in the town's festive marquee in pier square.

After a tough Christmas in 2020, and two years of uncertainty, local businesses wanted to give something back to the community.

This has materialised in the form of an ice rink, employing the latest technology, and comprising synthetic ice.

It was Mandy Miles and Danny Arthur of Harwoods Yacht Chandlers who thought up the ambitious new event, which will run from December 11 to 22.

But the pair soon realised what a "monster" the project would become and looked to other Yarmouth businesses to help make their idea a tangible reality.

Mandy Miles and Danny Arthur of Harwoods Yacht Chandlers.

Mandy Miles and Danny Arthur of Harwoods Yacht Chandlers.

Many businesses rallied round, and have donated generously to make the event possible.

"We realised how big it was going to get," said Danny.

"Because we wanted to impact as many lives as possible, and that's why all profits from the event will go to Island charities and organisations.

"We want to give to as many people as we can.

"It's been a real community effort to set it up, with lots of time and effort invested by everybody involved.

“It should be good fun."

Yarmouth on Ice. Picture:

Yarmouth on Ice. Picture:

The unique festive event in the square will come complete with music, lights and a snow machine, all contributing to a magical experience.

Push along penguins will be available for those reticent about getting on the ice, but it's not just skating on offer.

Visitors can also enjoy seasonal food and drink, take in Christmas lights and decorations throughout the town, meet Mother and Father Christmas in their secret weekend hideaway, and enjoy carols in the square with the Salvation Army.

The team are hoping their Yarmouth on Ice event will be a mainstay in the Isle of Wight calendar for many years to come.

In just three days, more than 400 tickets have been sold.

To make a booking, and for more information, visit