THREE white flying saucer shapes were spotted hovering over The Solent in September — leading to a few questions by the photographer who captured them.

The photo was taken from Yarmouth Common, of the view across The Solent on a lovely autumnal day.

However, the end result is like something straight out of War of the Worlds.

The unidentifiable objects are seen to be similar in shape and size and evenly spaced apart.

Upon close inspection, there could be a fourth alien aircraft in the top left of the photo, tilted at an angle – possibly the mothership?

When increasing the size of the discs, there appears to be a faint inner ring or raised centre, sharing a likeness with a traditional alien flying saucer.

There also appears to be a defined blue line above the three objects, which turns sharply upwards towards the fourth tilted object.

Photographer Vivien Gibson didn't spot the objects in the sky but noticed them after she took the photo.

She has been scratching her head over what the objects could be.

She said: "I don't know what these strange phenomena could be. It does look as though this has been tampered with but I can assure you they haven't.

"I wonder if any of your readers might have an explanation."

Was the Island visited by extraterrestrial beings? Let us know your thoughts below.