THE highly-anticipated demolition of the Fawley power station chimney is set to go ahead later this month.

On Halloween, at approximately 7am, the chimney and remaining southern end of the turbine hall will be demolished.

This will be achieved through a controlled use of explosives.

The date and time is subject to change, with the job dependant on suitable weather conditions.

Back in July, a section of the power station was demolished as part of plans to build 1,500 homes on the site.

An explosion was visible across the Solent before a huge cloud of smoke enveloped the area.

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In November, 2020, a thunderous rumble was heard across the Isle of Wight as a planned demolition took place.

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The power station closed several years ago.

From 5.30am on Sunday, October 31, an exclusion zone will be enforced around the site and surrounding area.

While there are no designated viewing areas, we will be able to watch from across the water.

Cowes and East Cowes are among the areas that will afford the best vantage point.