MORE than 80 new Covid cases have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight, according to the latest data.

Public Health England figures released today (Friday) show 87 new cases.

Yesterday, 72 new cases were confirmed, and 99 the day before.

It means the Isle of Wight total, since the start of the pandemic, now stands at 11,440.

The Island's rolling rate, meanwhile, has risen marginally.

In the seven days to September 19, the rolling rate was 199.6.

Yesterday, in the seven days to September 18, that figure stood at 193.3.

In September alone, 1,303 new Covid cases have been registered on the Island.

Government data shows the number of patients with Covid being treated at St Mary's Hospital has dropped this week from 30 people, to 21.

However, a second Isle of Wight hospital patient has died this week, after getting Covid-19.

A person died on September 21, according to NHS data published yesterday (Thursday) ­— the 170th since records began on the Island.

Earlier today, it was revealed plenty of Islanders were left out of pocket after illegally getting together during Covid lockdown earlier this year.