FOLLOWING the article by Sarah Burdett of The Isle of Wight Society in our September 17 edition, we have had a few letters about what the mystery terracotta object could be.

Sarah wrote that it was once 28 centimetres in width, four centimetres tall, and had six concentric rims on a flat base.

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It prompted several interesting responses.

A chick feeder?

Isobel Thompson, North London:

The Isle of Wight Society’s unusual object from the Long Lane brickworks featured in last week’s issue (CP, 17-09-21) is a chick feeder — I think more practical for chicks than adult chickens.

If you Google ‘archaeological chick feeder’ and look at ‘Images’ you will see other post-medieval examples, as well as modern versions in plastic. Possibly the pottery ones were easier to make in circular form.


A cheese press?

Peter Jardine, Parkhurst:

Regarding the mystery piece of terracotta pictured above (CP, 17-09-21), I am pretty sure this is a cheese press.

The part pictured is part of the base and it would have been in the shape of a bowl with perforated sides


A decorative piece?

James Gibbons, Ryde:

In response to Sarah Burdett's mystery chunk of masonry, (CP 17-09-21) it looks to me more to like a decoration of the face of a building than a utilitarian article.

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