BRIDDLESFORD Farm’s pedigree Guernsey cows have won three awards and four reserve places at the Annual General Meeting of the English Guernsey Cattle Society.

The Briddlesford award-winning cows, from the herd's Daisy, Daffodil and Lily families, produced the highest standard in quality milk in the last recording year.

Paul Griffin, partner at Briddlesford, said: “These awards are an acknowledgement of the dedication and care the Griffin family and staff on our farm give to our beloved cows.

“All Guernsey cow farmers strive to breed and produce fine cows, and we are proud to be among the best in the country.”

The milk from the Briddlesford Guernsey herd is pasteurised at the farm and processed as whole, semi skimmed and skimmed, and is noted for its golden colour, flavour, and creamy texture.

It is sold widely throughout the Island as well as some outlets on the mainland, including farm shops, retail outlets and restaurants.