TWO Isle of Wight Festival acts have been forced to pull out, it has been announced.

Neither Rianne Downey nor The Snuts will be performing this year.

The former has cited a chest infection as the reason for cancelling, as the condition has caused her to lose her voice.

The Snuts, meanwhile, are forced to withdraw due to ongoing isolation protocols.

Members of the band and crew affected are resting and recovering well, the rock band announced.

The Isle of Wight Festival says at 7.10pm, RATS will be performing on the big top in their place.

Rianne Downey said she was absolutely devastated to share the news she would not be gracing the This Feeling stage this year.

"I'm heartbroken to miss this as it's always been a dream of mine to play the This Feeling Stage," said Rianne.

"I've worked so unbelievably hard to get there and put on a brilliant show for you all.

"I want to thank Mike, George and all of the team at This Feeling for always believing in me and presenting me with these amazing oppotunities.

"I am so grateful to you all."

With the Isle of Wight Festival kick-starting tomorrow (Thursday), we've taken a look at the weather forecast to help you plan what to pack and what to wear.

Tomorrow, the sun is due to rear its lovely head with mostly clear skies, according to Island weather website the IW Met Service.