A bench on National Trust land near Bembridge, in memory of a former volunteer, has been given the green light after all.

It will be installed on Bembridge Down, close to where Andrew Gilliam's ashes were scattered and yards from the fort where he led guided tours.

A petition was launched last week, after 18 months in which his family's original request for the bench was turned down and was later rejected at appeal.

On Friday, the National Trust told County Press it was in talks to find an alternative option.

The family's chosen site was considered to be too close to an existing bench, but they argued it was little more than 'an old plank of wood on two struts' and not a 'proper' bench at all.

Now the National Trust says it will allow a new bench, because Andy - who was also known as Gill - gave his time to the charity, while living with cancer.

In a statement to the County Press, the charity said: "We have agreed to the request for a memorial bench, as a special case on the grounds that Andy gave so much quality volunteering to the National Trust.

"It will be similar to those we have in open countryside on the Island."

Andy was formerly named Best Tour Guide at Bembridge Fort and his family says he was 'passionate about the fort and its history'.

He used to play there as a child and flew his model aeroplanes on Culver Down.

He was also a published author, writing a local history book about plane crashes on the Island, called Wight Air Wrecks.

A GoFundMe page has been launched for friends who want to donate towards the special seat destined for the east Wight beauty spot.