AN ISLE of Wight filmmaker will soon be celebrating the release of his first feature film – a low-budget horror flick filmed exclusively in Bembridge.

Titled Witch, the film is the brain child of Brian Gregory, and he and his modest crew at Gregory Films are already onto post-production.

Set during Covid-19 restrictions, the film is a psychological horror influenced by movies such as Repulsion, Whistle and I'll Come to You and the more recent Lake Mungo.

Written and directed by Brian, it stars just two actors ­— his sister, Jeanette, and Tom Clear.

Tom has featured in several film and television roles, and is currently working on a new Disney Channel Star Wars series.

Jeanette on the other hand is a make-up artist who previously starred in Gregory Films' award-winning short film, Janet Devis.

She has also worked on television and film projects, including one major Hollywood movie in Ron Howard's Da Vinci Code.

"This is our first feature film and we hope to have it out on video on demand and DVD sometime next year," said Brian.

"It's a low budget horror film, written by myself, which took advantage of the beautiful and atmospheric local woods and coastline

"We also used my parents' house and garden at Walls Road, Bembridge, as a key location."

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