A number of Southern Vectis's scholar-only bus routes have been withdrawn, due to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

When children across the Isle of Wight returned to class this month, some of the services set up last year, as duplicates to commercial routes hit by social distancing and reduced capacity, were withdrawn.

Which buses are affected?

East Cowes's route 55 no longer runs in the morning. Instead, students are being told to use the number 5. However, the route does run in the afternoon, from Medina College.

Instead of route 65, students are also being told to get on route 5 buses instead.

The Wednesday-only 3.30pm, from Carisbrooke College (route 67), is no longer running. Students should use route 7, from Lukeley Terrace. All other route 67 journeys are unchanged, says Southern Vectis.

As the Island Free School has returned to its usual opening hours, route 72 only runs at 7.13am from Ryde and 4.20pm from the school. All other journeys have been withdrawn. 

The Wednesday afternoon route 78 no longer runs, because it was a duplication. Instead, students should use route 8.

Meanwhile, Southern Vectis has apologised to its passengers today (Tuesday) after short notice cancellations, caused by driver absence.