FOLLOWING a successful fundraiser to cover the cost of equipment, a young Isle of Wight sailor is on the cusp of setting a world record.

Harry White, from Wootton Bridge, is the person to beat for anyone looking to achieve the greatest distance sailed in a single-handed dinghy in half a day.

Harry says he bested the previous record of 65.64km by some margin, clocking up 107.66km in 12 hours.

Now, he is processing all the data and paperwork to send off to Guinness World Records­ — so it can officially confirm the record attempt.

"I had a chase rib with four witnesses on board and one driver, who helped keep time and satisfy the Guinness World Record guidelines," said Harry.


Harry Whites solo sailing world record attempt. Picture includes Alex Glover, Dan Braithwaite, Harry White, Paddy Lord, Thomas White and Eleanor Smith.

Harry White's solo sailing world record attempt.


"They also threw over supplies to me during the attempt."

On Tuesday, September 7, Harry and his entourage all launched from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club (RVYC) at 7:30am, heading into a light morning breeze.

He sailed to the mainland shore twice, before doing some upwind sailing past Ryde Sands.

"At this time, the wind completely died," said Harry.


Harry Whites solo sailing world record attempt.

Harry White's solo sailing world record attempt.


"We were bobbing off Ryde Sands for around 30 minutes, waiting for the wind to come in from the east.

"Once we had the solid afternoon breeze, I proceeded into Bembridge Harbour so our chase team could restock for the afternoon.

"Then I sailed back and forth from the Island to the Portsmouth area on a beam reach, in an effort to make up for lost kilometres.

"We were then greeted by some family and friends on the water.


Harry Whites solo sailing world record attempt.

Harry White's solo sailing world record attempt.


"I finished the evening by returning to the RVYC's sailing area around Woodside for the final few hours, in case the wind dropped.

"There, I made my final dash to reach my 100km target.

"Thanks to my chase team, we made a final total distance of 107.66km, which smashes the old record of 65.64 km.

"I cannot thank everyone enough for the support through my fundraiser and the kind words from friends and family.

"This was certainly the hardest challenge I have tackled so far.

"Knowing I had so much support, I never wanted to give up. It gave me the motivation to keep going for the full 12 hours.

"It was an absolutely fantastic experience, and I think it would be amazing if we could get some challengers for this record in the future, both in the female and male categories."