Islanders aged between 55 and 59 were the largest proportion of those furloughed, as a result of Covid-19.

Thirteen per cent of those on the government jobs retention scheme were in that age bracket, while just 8 per cent were aged between 25 and 29.

In July, employers had to start making contributions of 10 per cent to salaries.

Employer contributions rose to 20 per cent in August and the scheme is due to finish at the end of September.

According to HM Revenue and Customs, 2,400 jobs on the Island were furloughed, as of July 31.

That was around five per cent of those eligible and 900 fewer than at the end of June.

It was down by three-quarters compared to January and February.

The highest number of workers being brought off furlough, on the Isle of Wight, work in hospitality.

The wholesale and retail sectors came next, said PA.