A SURVEY carried out by Brighstone Parish Council has found that an overwhelming number of local residents are against the upcoming Isle of Wight Road Races.

The results came via a survey form, of which 878 copies were issued.

The proposed motorcycle event will take place in April next year through Chale, Shorwell, Brighstone and a stretch of the Military Road.

Organisers are planning for between 20,000 and 30,000 spectators per day.

Last month, Brighstone Parish Council slammed the public engagement and consultation efforts of the organisers of the event, and said they would survey residents to find out how many were in favour.

IW Road Races is mid-consultation and is seeking to hear the views and identify the specific needs and concerns of those that will be mainly affected.

Brighstone Parish Council asked for the number of people in each household who were either in favour or against the race event.

From the 499 surveys returned, the results showed the number of people in favour was 333 and the number of people against was 737.

Brighstone Parish Council will be holding their own meeting with the race organisers to ask questions forwarded by local residents.