A HOVERCRAFT crashed into a safety bollard on the Southsea landing pad this afternoon.

Island Flyer went out of service for a few hours and the entire service was suspended temporarily. Delays are still being suffered tonight.

No one was hurt and passengers and crew disembarked safely. Passengers were transferred to a Wightlink FastCat.

A statement from Hovertravel tonight said: "At the end of the 1345 Ryde to Southsea flight, Island Flyer made contact with one of the safety bollards on the pad.

"There were no injuries and all passengers and crew disembarked safely.

"As per standard operating practices the service was cancelled for a safety check with all customers being transferred to Wightlink’s FastCat.

"The service resumed its timetable at 1715 from Ryde and 1730 from Southsea.

"Our engineering team is onsite to assess any damage and Island Flyer will remain on the Southsea pad to comply with standard compliance procedures."