POLICE, paramedics and firefighters were called out after a motorcyclist taking part in a trials biking event on the Isle of Wight was injured.

One of the mainland competitors taking part in the 2021 Wight Two-Day Trial suffered a knee injury on one of the event's two courses, Knighton Sandpit, near Newchurch, at around 11.30am today (Saturday).

Three ambulances, police officers and appliances from Ryde and Newport, including a heavy rescue unit, attended.

The rider was taken to St Mary's Hospital, Newport.

The trial's clerk of the course, Nick Symes, of event organisers the Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club, said: "The rider did not have a spectacular crash. It was more of an innocuous tumble, in which he banged his knee.

"He was looking a bit sweaty and uncomfortable, so we called an ambulance — but had three of those, three fire engines and the police.

"Paramedics thought he may have low blood sugar — an early start with no breakfast, travelling to the Island.

"If you get a twisted knee, it can be extremely painful. I understand he'd been going up a bit of a hill, the bike reared up on him, which they do frequently — 990 times out a thousand riders could step away from it — and the bike either caught him, or he got his foot caught and it twisted his knee.

"That's what it looked as though happened, but we don't take any chances."  

There is also riding at Bembridge, with the event due to finish tomorrow (Sunday).