A crew from Lymington Rowing Club are the new (to be verified) Guinness World Record holders for long distance open water rowing, over 12 hours, after circumnavigating the Isle of Wight.

On Monday (August 23), the team took on the world record, setting out at 6.32am.

They clocked up an impressive 122.4 km - surpassing former holder, the Russian Federation, which held the record with 120 km.

Hampshire's Dave Mans, Alex Gasper, Toby Backhouse, Rob Maltby and coxswain, Jack Mans, started off Brownsea Castle, Poole and finished in Lymington (via all of the Island's coastline).

The coastal waters here are among the most challenging for open water rowing, with strong currents and extreme tidal range, and the team had been training since January.

They have raised thousands of pounds for primary schools near Lymington and for their rowing club, which often competes against our local clubs.

On their website, they posted: "Huge thanks to everyone who supported!"

Isle of Wight County Press: Dave Mans, Alex Gasper, Toby Backhouse, Rob Maltby and Jack Mans from Lymington Rowing Club.