WHAT better choice for a group of young aspiring performers to launch back on to stage with post-Covid than Fame the Musical?

It seemed apt that the youngsters of Curtain Call Creative were performing songs about hard work and aspiration within the dramatic arts.

So much talent bounced off the Shanklin Theatre stage, where the large cast assembled to display their skills in dance, acting and singing.

Such a full-scale production with orchestra and even some pyrotechnics was a surprise. There was no skimping — this was no simple play put on just for the delectation of proud parents, and the audience was entranced.

The huge ensemble worked hard and knew what they were doing, including the littlest ones.

Stars in the making, especially those who played the students and teachers.

Amelia Lake as Carmen Diaz played it just right, starting with gusto and bravery and then revealing her vulnerable and ultimately tragic side.

Nathan Stubbings was undoubtedly one of the stars of the show thanks to his beautiful voice and stage presence.

Ellie Warne belied her at-first unassuming turn as Serena, coming into her own during her solos and knocking the audience out.

One of the bravest performers was Freya Mackay-Blake who really put herself out there and is one to watch in the future, for sure.

The dancing skills of Sophie Frost as Iris and Ben Thompson as Tyrone really added to the wow factor.

Well done too, to main cast members Samuel Evans-Murray, Brennan Coe, Enid Rees, Kaitlyn Donovan, Caitlin Mooney, Bethany Wilford, Chantou Spit and Jess Freeston.

As the title of one of the songs says, Bring On Tomorrow, if these kids are the future.