COMEDIAN Tom Allen spotted Alex and Melissa Capel in the audience at his comedy night at Robin Hill — but it was no surprise considering what they had chosen to wear to the gig.

The sisters turned up at the Woodland Sessions gig in T-shirts emblazoned with the comic's face on.

Not only did they get to meet their hero Tom after the show, but he also put their picture on his Instagram and joked: "Thanks for having T-shirts made with my face on. This is now mandatory for everyone. Every time you see me."

Alex, 33, of Newport, said: "It was such a good night. We had the best time! We have loved Tom Allen for years. I've followed him on Instagram since 2018. We watch all the programmes he does and his stand up.

"Our mum has her own printing business, Fabulously Personal which trades from Artisan in Newport High Street, and she made the T-shirts for us as we wanted to stand out in the hope he would spot us.

"We also wanted the T-shirts as a momento of the night as well. Tom was lovely and very touched at the T-shirt idea, so much so he put a picture of us on his own Instagram story which made our day.

Isle of Wight County Press:

"He made the time for us and we took a few photos. He was brilliant and so friendly.

"You often worry about meeting celebrities, in case they don't live up to what you imagine, but he was a real gent and made us love him more!"

Melissa, 29, lives in Chesterfield and saw Tom's show on a visit to the Island.