A SIX-ACRE disused farmyard in Chale is being turned into a skating themed destination, complete with an indoor wooden skatepark.

The vision is to create Camp Corve as an educational holiday destination and place for people young and old to skate.

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Once the site is further developed, there will be a range of activities to enjoy, and links to other destinations around the Island.

Owner Hamish Fleming wants the Isle of Wight to become known as Skate Island, and he will be central in encouraging skaters to tour the Island's suitable parks and skate spots, mountain bike tracks and surf beaches.

He plans to develop on-site accommodation, and says he is "part of a family who are investing their savings into worthwhile projects that embrace education, tourism, physical activities including impacting great mental health, employment creation, prosperity and rejuvenation in a local rural community."

Isle of Wight County Press: Hamish Fleming at the skate park, and promoting Freshwater SkatePark. Picture by Paul Blackley.Hamish Fleming at the skate park, and promoting Freshwater SkatePark. Picture by Paul Blackley.

Hamish Fleming at his Canopy Skatepark, and promoting Freshwater Skatepark. Picture by Paul Blackley.

Hamish added: "We want in a small way to contribute to protecting the environment for the future generations.

"We use recycled materials wherever possible in our build programme and we intend to become self-sufficient for energy using solar and wind.

"Over the last seven years we have planted several thousand trees, with nearly 1,000 being planted on the Camp Corve site.

"My background is in teaching young people who are 'hard to reach' and using skateboarding as a core medium to grab the attention of these learners.

"I was the skate coach ambassador for Penny Skate School UK and have worked with local authorities, police, schools, social services and charities."

He has taught more than 3,000 learners to skate, is the founder of Don’t Rain Ltd, has a skate team and runs skate competitions across the South coast.

Phase One of the Camp Corve project is Canopy Skate Park, the high-spec indoor wooden skate park.

Isle of Wight County Press: Canopy Skatepark in Chale.Canopy Skatepark in Chale.

Canopy Skatepark is being built in Chale and is nearing completion.

It will be primarily for teaching, but it is hoped it will attract local skaters as well as an international audience, skate teams and pro skaters.

Hamish said: "We intend to create employment, bring visitors to the Island, and provide an amazing facility for kids and all skaters.

"We will run sessions for toddlers, after-school kids, open sessions, silver surfers, will film the pros using the park, take school groups and be available for those needing special attention and support. We aim to reach anyone who wants to skate."

Sessions must be booked in advance and the facility is due to open imminently.

Steve Martin is the master joiner who has partnered with Hamish in the internal build.

For more information go to www.canopyskatepark.com and www.dontrain.co.uk and use @canopyskatepark @dontrainskateboarding on social media.