When England take on Italy in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley on Sunday night, one Isle of Wight family who will be glued to the television are the Burgesses.

Italian Viviana and her English husband Dan run Caffe Isola in Newport.

Together with their football-mad sons, the pair already have a projector and speakers wired up and are ready to go.

But where will their loyalties lie? 

Viviana's family come from Sicily and she knows she can count on the support of one of her sons.

She told the County Press: "My children haven't missed a match.

"The last one that Italy played went to penalties, so my they stayed up late.

"My little one supports Italy. Marco has already asked me for a blue shirt with his name on and he wants his face painted.

"Matteo is more diplomatic and he doesn't want to upset either of his parents! He says whatever happens, it will be a win win situation!"

It hasn't always been this way because when they were little, Viviana was able to get away with painting both their faces in the colours of Italy.

On the menu for the big game, are some wine, pizza for the kids and pasta for the parents.

It's easy and quick to cook, says Viviana, and perfect for keeping up the nervous energy while watching the football.

She'll also be Whatsapping with family who live in sight of Mount Etna and her brother, who is based in the United States and it would be fair to say that they are feeling confident.

Viviana said: "Italy has won the World Cup four times and the Euros once.

"My family are confident Italy will win and I'm hoping they'll do it."

Meanwhile husband Dan is, says Viviana, joining son Matteo on the bench when it comes to picking a winner.

The pair (perhaps sensibly) are on team, 'may the best side win.'

Whatever happens, it will be a family affair!