WE RECENTLY carried a story about the late Princess Diana’s visits to the Isle of Wight on our website and asked you to tell us your memories and you responded with some lovely pictures and tales.

The Princess of Wales visited the Isle of Wight twice in the 1980s.

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In June 1985, she toured the Adelaide Court complex in Ryde, visited Sandown Fire Station and saw the East Yar Road Business Centre in Sandown during a packed itinerary.

In December 1988, she visited FBM Marine shipyard in Cowes to launch the new Customers cutter, HMCC Vigilant and met with many local schoolchildren, residents and dignitaries.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jacqui Pilbeam, Michael Pilbeam and Sarah Pilbeam's hairbo Princess Diana's left shoulder.

Jacqui Pilbeam, Michael Pilbeam and Sarah Pilbeam’s hair-do just visible over Princess Diana’s left shoulder during her 1988 visit. Photo: Ron Pilbeam

Ron Pilbeam remembers his family meeting the princess during her 1988 visit to Cowes.

He said: “I worked for FBM and Princess Diana came to Cowes to name the patrol boats which we were building.

“A funny thing happened before the ceremony. My wife, our children and I had arrived early to get a good spot, while we were there the police were checking the drains etc, and one of the royal protection officers looked up and made a beeline for my wife Jacqui — he had only lived about two houses away from us just a couple of years earlier! 

“Next the mayor and mayoress spotted my wife and came over for a chat because they knew her as well, shortly followed by the press who were very inquisitive about who we were.

“The best bit was when Princess Diana came over for a few words and while talking, asked our children Michael and Sarah’s ages and said: “Oh the same as my Wills and Harry”, to which one of the children said: ‘Who?’ — of course they only knew them as Prince William and Harry!”

David Ralph also remembers Princess Diana visiting Cowes in December 1988 to launch the Vigilant and meeting people on The Parade afterwards.

Isle of Wight County Press: Karen Schubert was among those who met Princess Diana during her 1985 visit to the Isle of Wight.

Karen Schubert was among those who met Princess Diana during her 1985 visit to the Isle of Wight.

Karen Schubert sent us a lovely black and white picture which was taken during the Princess’s 1985 visit to the Island. Karen said: “She was just so perfect.

“This picture was taken by the County Press and it was on the front page. It was taken opposite Ryde High School — there used to be a factory where Tandy Close is now. 
“I’m the one looking up to her with the white t-shirt and black cardigan."

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