A COUNCILLOR has defended her retrospective planning application and responded to neighbour's objections after she built her stables bigger than approved.

An application by Cllr Clare Mosdell to gain permission for her stables is heading to the planning committee next week because the next door neighbours objected.

Permission was granted for the stables in Newchurch last year but now, as they stand, they are almost double the size approved — at 52m2 compared to the granted 28m2 floorspace.

Isle of Wight County Press: The approved plans (Picture: BCM)The approved plans (Picture: BCM)

Isle of Wight County Press: The stables as built. (Picture: BCM)The stables as built. (Picture: BCM)

Cllr Mosdell said after talks with the builder once planning permission was granted, it was apparent what they had gained permission for could not be built due to land levels, run-off water and flooding.

Originally the plans were to build another stable to separate the horses due to fighting, but the land levels meant it would have been too high for the horses to step in unaided.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Instead, she said, they decided to go ahead with the plans to build more, including another stable and storage room, due to the hot weather the Island was facing and the effect it was having on the horses.

A gazebo had been put up to counteract the heat but it kept blowing away so she went forward with the builder's plans.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Cllr Mosdell said while the builders were putting up the stables, the architects were called and retrospective plans submitted.

Along with the retention of the stables, permission is being sought to build an all-weather ménage to act as a sand school, to be enjoyed by Cllr Mosdell's grandchildren.

Isle of Wight Council planning officers have said the application should be given approval with seven conditions.

Isle of Wight County Press:

They say it would be in keeping with the established character and nature of the site and surrounding area and as such would not cause any harm or detrimental visual impacts to landscape character.

The landowners next to Cllr Mosdell, sited below due to a hill, have objected to the plans due to their fears it would flood their land.

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Mr O'Donnell, the landowner, said in his objection the built-up area would create more water run-off and: "When it rains, my fields that border her land flood and the water then flows across my hardstanding (eroding it) to my yard drainage ... In the current, and all prior planning for the land, the applicants have stated that drainage would be dealt with by soakaways. There are none on her land."

However, Cllr Mosdell said £9,000 worth of drainage was installed including two soakaways when the stables were built, in line with professional advice and percolation tests, but the neighbours were not happy because it was not the level of drainage they wanted installing.

WATCH: Water channelled towards the drainage system which is then taken to soakaways.

With the development of the sand school, Cllr Mosdell said there would be proper drainage put in, including a bund and raised areas to level the land and stop the water running.

In the officer's report, they acknowledged while there were areas of localised flooding it was due to the topography of the land and the fact it sits at a lower level, with the proposed development unlikely to increase surface water on the site or run-off to the neighbouring land.

The planning committee will determine the application on Tuesday, July 6.