Our MP oozes enthusiasm for Island education in ‘Education standards on the up on the Island’ (CP, 25-06-21).

Quite right too, as in similar professions, education staff are dedicated, working long hours, irrespective of their role.

But how could we improve further?

Let’s imagine we could.

Dear Mr Seely

Imagine possibilities.

No 894 Island children with ECHPs (5% of pupils)

Is it so hard to do?

Let’s not forget SEND pupils — 2,427

Imagine every pupil getting every bit of help

Imagine all pupils reaching full potential.

Imagine having the right possessions;

I wonder if you can?

No need to wait for lockdown laptops dribbling in from the mainland

Imagine a shrinking ‘disadvantage’ gap

And schools avoiding repeated staff cuts.

No deficit budgets with expectations of more next year

Imagine pupils in the Netherlands

Each receiving £2,500 for education recovery

A pandemic necessity

While here in England

How far will £50 stretch?

One in five of all Island children are eligible for free school meals

Another 359 more children this year.

Imagine this Mr Seely,

No poverty to hold back learning

It's easy if you try

Imagine no need for food banks

No holiday hunger and

No child learning hungry

Mr Seely, you may say I'm a dreamer

with ’No child left behind’

But I'm not the only one

The NEU district asked last month

For you to sign this poverty pledge

We asked again this month

We hope someday you’ll answer

We hope someday you'll join us

A third of pupils poverty trapped

Eliminate this — that’s when education will progress at pace

Succeed outside of school and progress inside will be far greater

Let you and we not be deranged

For that’s when young lives will really be changed!