A recent County Press carried a front page article about the staffing crisis in the hospitality sector.

This is a common problem across the country and the reasons for the shortage seem to be blindingly obvious.

Although some businesses claim to offer good terms and conditions, the majority of jobs in the hospitality sector are seasonal, poorly paid and offer little or no prospects of any training or career development.

The same applies to the many other support services such as delivery drivers, cleaners and council staff.

The situation is exacerbated on the Island due to the emphasis on the tourism industry.

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The Island has a disproportionate proportion of second homes, holiday homes and holiday rental properties/Airbnb.

This has forced up property prices and led to a shortage of long-term rental properties for residents. Young people who wish to stay on the island cannot find accommodation and leave for better pay and prospects.

Even if we could magically find the staff needed from elsewhere, where would they live?

If we do not address this situation and ensure that there is quality, affordable housing for Island residents, and that support staff for the Island and the tourism industry are valued and properly paid, visitors will have to get used to the idea that they will have to clean their own houses, collect their own shopping and empty their own bins, and there will be few pubs and restaurants left for them to frequent.

There are complaints salaries cannot rise because this will affect business profits – profits should not depend on exploitation of workers.

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