The ROAD AHEAD CLOSED sign at the Sandown town end of Culver Parade is very misleading and is very detrimental to tourism.

In tough times we can’t afford to deter people from visiting the beach, the zoo, Brown’s Golf Course and Tea rooms, the Bandstand restaurant, the adventure playground, the Dinosaur Museum etc…or parking by Yaverland beach to enjoy the ice cream and beach goods shop there and the golden sand at that end of Sandown Bay.

The road is not closed until Yaverland, which is at least a mile further on from the sign, and even then at Yaverland there are traffic lights, so there is still some way through.

To put a sign at the beginning of Culver Parade just opposite Sandown Library is wrong.

It could be better sited past the zoo and be more correct. Then it would be ‘the road ahead’!

There are of course roadworks everywhere, mostly to do with Wight Fibre, but after several enquiries through Island Roads, this sign appears to be for SSE, but no one is keen to take responsibility for it.

Whoever, the particular placing of this sign is not playing fair in a difficult trading time.

The Island needs every chance it can get, and every Island trader needs a chance. Please could the sign be re-sited as soon as possible?

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