I am wondering if County Press readers can help me fill in the gaps on my old school photograph.

I was a pupil at what was known as Miss Ward's School in the Parklands Avenue area of Cowes.

In 1945, Parklands Avenue was just a single track which ended where the circle currently exists at which point there was a dead end.

The circle was used as access to the school and supplies were brought to the school by horse and cart.

The circle allowed the horse and cart to turn round.

Miss Ward is sitting on the right of the photograph.

She may have been related to the Ward family who built Northwood House in 1841.

She was headmistress and lived in a wooden bungalow at the entrance to Parklands Avenue on the left hand corner.

I am seated in the front row third from the right, in a white shirt and tie. I will be 80 on July 2.

My sister is in the third row, fifth from right, (white blouse and tie) and she will be 82 this year.

I can remember some of the children's names but not all. I would love readers to write to me if they can tell me the names. The other teacher, on the left, was, I believe, Mrs Smart.

Sometime during my eighth year, the school was abruptly closed down and my sister and I were transferred to Denmark Road School.

We never knew the reason for the closure as it was a private school.

If anyone can put names to faces, they can contact me at 3 Charles Road, Cowes, PO31 8HG: