On Monday we were treated to the latest pantomime performance from our totally inept Prime Minister.

Despite our scientific communities phenomenal achievement in creating Covid vaccines, and the many, many unsung heroes in our NHS and volunteer sector ensuring these vaccines are getting into arms, time and time again we have been let down by Boris Johnson.

The latest example is the 19-day delay in putting India on the red list which allowed the 60 per cent more infectious Delta variant to seed itself into many areas of the UK, and is currently rising exponentially, totally squandering the social and economic benefits the vaccine programme has been creating.

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Constantly playing catch up after this joke of a Prime Minister is simply no longer acceptable.

We are an offshore island, situated off a larger island, this could and should afford us a high degree of protection, but in the absence of credible national leadership, the onus is upon our Island community and leaders to have robust plans in place to protect the IW and its inhabitants when the door is left wide open by our government that’s constantly asleep on the job.

We need to have a credible plan in place for when the next Covid strain, that may be vaccine resistant, is welcomed into the UK.

Our Island police force and previous IW Council have done precious little if anything to protect the Island.

The Island needs to have a robust plan in place that it can swiftly enact should it need be to protect the community and protect our economy.

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