As reported in the CP (04-06-21), the newly elected chairman of the IW Council has without doubt got his chairmanship off in an uncompromisingly startling way.

Many IW electors will undoubtedly describe his decision to abolish pre-council meeting prayers as an expression of freewill or, more seriously, a self-indulgent misuse of power.

Although I also personally oppose the blinkered use of any sort of prayers in some sort of support of a civil function, I consider Cllr Brodie’s unilateral decision should have been more considered and much less dictatorial.

How very much more magnanimous would it have been for him to simply change the present convention and ask councillors to stand for a short span of silent thought and humanitarian contemplation prior to the often hurly-burly nature of council meetings.

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I am sure a vast majority of Islander folk would react in positive support for an action of that mature nature.

We could all believe that the simple silent moment of focusing councillors’ minds would surely help in the making of the very best and most responsible decisions by ‘our’ council for the good of the Island.

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