I sympathise with David Jones (County Press Letters, 28-05-21).

Yes, road traffic is increasing and transport infrastructure is important.

However, the IW is unusual.

With the exception of Newport, the Island 'escaped' the onslaught of by-passes and dual carriageways in the 1960s and 70s.

A lucky escape, because 'fewer roads' have helped preserve the Island’s beauty and character.

Now, the way forward is not to invest in projects that increase road traffic (e.g. a twin-bore road tunnel from Gosport). Nor should the Island’s road system be expanded. (Though some bottle-necks could be relieved.)

The solution for the IW is low or zero carbon public transport that improves connections to, from and within the Island.

And which, at the same time, promotes economic development, regeneration and productive use of brown-field sites.

To achieve this the Island needs an expanded network of railways, with reduced dependency on cars.

With this in mind, I look forward to the results of the current DfT-funded feasibility study, looking at the business case for more railway infrastructure on the Island.

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