Councils will be given greater powers to protect mobile home residents from rogue caravan park owners, in a move being welcomed by Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely.

It means authorities will be able to do more to tackle bad practice and the exploitation of residents, for instance if complaints are not properly followed up, or if there are incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Managers or owners of mobile home sites will have to pass a new ‘fit and proper person’ test, to prove they are suitable for the job.

It will be an offence to operate a site without having a 'fit and proper manager' in place, or to provide false information in an application.

A breach of the new rules will mean the matter will go to court and those found guilty could face an unlimited fine.

Mr Seely said: "Sadly, I have witnessed intimidating - and generally unreasonable - behaviour from a small minority of caravan park owners towards mobile homeowners.

"This is completely unacceptable and sadly many mobile homeowners don’t have the resources behind them to fight against these bullies.

"Thankfully, these rogue park owners and managers are rare, but I welcome these tighter measures that will empower councils to tackle their behaviour and hopefully prevent them from being in a position of power in the first place."

The move is country-wide and councils have until July 1, to prepare to receive applications from site owners.

Site owners can submit applications from July 1, until October 1.

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