Cloud is threatening to obscue a partial solar eclipse which would otherwise be visible from the Isle of Wight this morning (Thursday).

In the next few hours, the Moon will pas between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring it until it becomes a crescent.

Other areas around the world will see a total eclipse - where only a 'ring of fire' can be seen. 

In the UK, the celestial event will start at 10.08am, peaking at 11.13am, when the Moon will cover close to one-third of the Sun.

The partial eclipse will end at 12.22pm.

It's critical not to look directly at the sun because it can cause serious and permanent damage to the eyes, even if you are wearing sunglasses.

Similarly, do not look at the Sun through binoculars, telescopes or a telephoto lens on an SLR camera.

Instead, use a simple pinhole projector.

Poke a small hole into a piece of card. Hold the card up to the Sun so that light shines through the hole and on to a piece of paper behind the card.

Solar eclipse viewing glasses can also be worn.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is also live-streaming the eclipse on its website and YouTube channel.