PLATFORM One music students were given the opportunity to attend a music industry seminar with one of the UK's most reputable musical directors, Jon Shone, at Strings Bar & Venue last Friday (June 4.)

The event, Inside the Industry, was streamed live via YouTube to a student portal, allowing students to watch the seminar from home.

Jon discussed his career in detail with host degree lecturer Andy Booth, in which he divulged his experience of working with one of the world’s most successful bands, One Direction.

Recalling his time with the band, he said: “When we were doing the arena tour, we were doing matinee shows and evening shows and there would even be fans coming to watch the soundchecks.

"Managing the increase and decrease of adrenaline numerous times a day was challenging.

“(They are) a great bunch of students at Platform One, I would love to come and work with them again."

Further conversation explored the journey of getting full-time employment in the music industry, building a reliable network of contacts and providing advice to students on pursuing their dreams.

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