SHOULD the Isle of Wight become an Independent nation?

You get to decide — in a new comedy show touring the Island this summer.

Joe Plumb, artistic director of Horse Box Theatre Company, said he would stop at nothing until Islanders take back control and he is made King.

He said: "For too long, Westminster has made decisions that old, white, right wing, male Islanders should be deciding.

"We need to take back control of the Isle of Wight from tyranny of English rule!"

This exhilaratingly daft production combines cabaret, interactive theatre, music, and comedy to confront the hypocrisies in localism and our complex quest for identity.

Joe said: “You thought Brexit was mad? Island Independence has more lies, more red tape, more self-destructive economical disasters, and more confetti!”

The People’s Republic of the Isle of Wight combines niche references to the quirks of Island life that will baffle the average grockle, with relatable frustrations, questions and complexities that we all share with about our hometowns, even the non-caulkheads.

Written and performed by Joe with special guests at different performances including drag queen Fanny Quivers as Charlotte Nimby and singer Milly Jolliffe as Dawn Frumlun-Dunn in this part rally, part history lesson, part breakdown of a show.

Joe said: “If you’re a liberal millennial, you’ll find it a hilariously ironic take on ‘little Britishness’ — if you’re a boomer, you’ll find it surprisingly in line with your world view.”

Catch the show at Bar 74 in Ryde on July 16, Northwood WI Village Hall on July 17, and Ventnor Fringe on July 30 and 31.

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