From Nigel Hartley, chief executive, Mountbatten:

I am writing in response to Richard Spencer’s letter (CP, 28-05-21).

Mr Spencer is right to mention that Mountbatten’s model of care is working successfully.

We see around 200 per cent more Islanders cared for than we did three years ago and our mission is never to ignore anyone who needs us.

We have also worked to ensure Mountbatten’s finances are as secure as possible to develop the services required for a growing number of people.

A third of our income currently comes from the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Hospices have never been fully funded by the NHS due to the fact that they grew up independently from the NHS.

Dying was never part of the NHS vision which was initially to ‘make people better’ from the illnesses they had.

Although we have worked hard to ensure that Mountbatten’s services for our Island community are fit for purpose in a world where we know that there will continue to be a significant increase in need, there is still more to be done.

The NHS is set to change once again, with the creation of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). The IW and Hampshire ICS is currently under development and it is important Mountbatten has a significant place in discussions about future services so we protect our current NHS income, influence decisions and argue for increased funding as our services grow.

Our head of innovation and service development is an existing role which has not been filled for the last couple of years, but we have been fortunate to find someone with the relevant experience and knowledge from within the NHS to ensure Mountbatten’s place as part of the new ICS is secure.

I will always make myself available to talk with anyone directly about Mountbatten and urge people to contact me on 01983 217310 or by email at should there be any questions or issues.

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