Manufacturers often describe their cars as 'distinctive' and point to features that are 'unmistakable'.

In the case of the Jeep Wrangler, few could deny that those terms apply.

Its looks are iconic and, with that in mind, its silhouette hasn't been changed significantly for the fourth generation version.

The front end is dominated by the large grille featuring seven vertical slats, with round headlights - now LED - on either side. The front bumper protrudes out a long way, in an aggressive fashion reminiscent of an F1 stock car, while the huge wheel arches and squared-off body style complete the look.

Isle of Wight County Press: The Jeep Wrangler pictured during a gloomy May week in West Yorkshire

One reason people buy the Wrangler is for its looks and - for those who want to go a step further - there are bags of personalisation options and some new colourschemes to choose from.

Another reason buyers opt for this vehicle is its great off-road prowess.

While the Wrangler's on-road manners have undoubtedly improved, it remains a vehicle that's tailored towards getting you a long way from the asphalt.

That unbeatable 4x4 ability comes courtesy of permanent, high and low gearing and a lockable differential. There's also 10 inches of ground clearance, wading capacity of two and a half feet and tech to assist on steep ascents and descents.

Lurking under that chunky-looking bonnet is a hugely-capable two litre turbocharged engine.

It offers up a sizeable 272hp at 5,250rpm and 400Nm of torque, both of which are readily available thanks to a swift-moving eight-speed automatic box.

Clearly, those numbers stack up well either on or off road, and there's no doubt there's enough grunt to shove you down the road at a surprising pace for a big vehicle.

Isle of Wight County Press: The Jeep Wrangler pictured during a gloomy May week in West Yorkshire

The official 0-62mph acceleration stats weren't available for this model, but it felt to be in the region of seven to eight seconds, which was plenty satisfying enough and is actually encroaching on hot hatch territory!

The ride quality on the road has been improved, but you have to remember that off roading is the Wrangler's USP, so you can expect to be shaken around a bit in the corners and on undulating roads.

The experience in the cabin is unique, as you look out through the flat windscreen over the distinctive boxy bonnet.

As one of my friends remarked: "It's like no other vehicle I've been in before - and therefore feels a bit special."

While the interior may look rugged and uncomplicated at first glance, there's plenty of techn and soft touch materials to be found.

Key features include the central 'Uconnect' 8.4-inch touchscreen, which is intuitive and controls most of the main functions including the navigation system.

Meanwhile, the steering wheel mounted audio controls came in handy, and there was a high-quality sound to be had from the nine-speaker premium audio system with subwoofer.

The instrument cluster features seven-inch colour TFT display, while ambient lighting enhances the feel of the cabin.

As you'd expect, the driving position is upright in nature, while the black bucket McKinley leather seats were supportive and comfortable.

Isle of Wight County Press: The Jeep Wrangler pictured during a gloomy May week in West Yorkshire

Many of the surfaces you'll touch most often are nice and tactile, including the leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.

There are creature comforts such as heated front seats, climate control, and sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors.

The Wrangler is available as either a two door or four door vehicle, while there's also a variety of soft or hard top variants to choose from.

While a price tag close to £50,000 is substantial, you're getting a machine that stands out from the crowd, has remarkable 4x4 ability, an improved cabin and more acceptable road manners.

Jeep Wrangler Overland GME

PRICE: £ 48,825 on the road

ENGINE: 2.0 GME four-cylinder petrol 272HP

ECONOMY: 25.7mpg and 252g/km

TRANSMISSION: 8-speed auto

PERFORMANCE: Max speed and acceleration figures not yet available