From John Baldry, Ventnor:

The BBC run dozens of stations, many of them 24 hours a day. A vast output!

They are now being pilloried for a mistake made over a quarter of a century ago.

Martin Bashir's 'crime' was not the interview (Princess Diana wrote afterwards that she was happy with the interview), it was the deception used to gain access to Diana.

Almost every government minister is now 'gunning' for the BBC citing this deception, not seeing the irony that this present government has used more deception and lies in the last 14 months than most governments do in a lifetime.

They actually make the BBC and Martin Bashir look like saints.

It is a sorry state of affairs when we cannot take as truth, statements that our PM makes.

If we cannot believe the holder of the highest office in the land, who can we believe? My money is still on our BBC.