While I may be one of tens of thousands who suffered amidst the chaos caused by Island Roads, it seems to have escaped them that our Island has increased in population massively in the last decade, the infrastructure having been ignored.

It beggars belief to encounter roadworks after roadworks, even having dug up the detour roads.

I was trying to get my granddaughter to her place of work...hopeless.

She made at least three phone calls to her boss, apologising for being late, eventually getting out of the car to walk the last two miles. Even 20 years ago, this many roadworks per square mile would have been pushing the envelope of tolerance.

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The way to deal with a roadworks backlog is to engage a lot of manpower to far fewer worksites, so that the work may be accomplished apace.

The general consensus of opinion is that Island Roads stuck their finger up at us, not giving a monkey’s.

The cost to the environment and the unnecessary burning of fuel must have run into millions...and it will doubtless continue.

We will soon have to consider a high speed ferry service for people, serving the coastal towns. In ten years’ time, a 2mph average on the coast road will be the norm.

There are those within our councils who are aware that the building of tens of thousands of houses was a step too far. For goodness sake listen to them.

The above incident is a demonstration of just how fickle our infrastructure is. You must surely realise that it is teetering on the edge of collapse.

The time to have accomplished a massive roadwork programme was when the vaccine first became available. Infrastructure is an essential upon which all else depends.

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