Re the letter (CP, 14-05-21) on the destruction of mature trees at Silver Glades Caravan Park at Cranmore.

While I would agree with Lesley Hampshire’s comment about making the person who sanctioned the work and the people who actually carried out the clearance, a few lines back in the article the answer to that was already given.

As she wrote of her experience of, “So what ? I am going to make a lot more out of what I have done”.

Planning contraventions of all kinds are being blatantly carried out across the Island with a total disregard to other residents and in the knowledge that very little will be done about it.

With the advent of Google Earth it is very easy to see what is being done to the Island and it would be easy for the IW Council’s building control department to keep tabs on things that were carried out without planning permission or any legally required permission. (Employing someone to do this would almost certainly pay for itself).

If any one undertakes work that should legally have required planning permission, the council should make them apply for retrospective permission and fine them but also put a planning blight on the land for 25 years, during which time no further applications will be allowed.

Ignorance is not an excuse so if people choose not to proceed through the correct routes, they should not be allowed to carry out any other works requiring permission on the land or other areas benefitting from the illegal works.

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