I AM very frustrated with trying to contact and speak to a member of staff at companies when trying to buy/book or ask a question regarding a purchase,a ferry booking, an appointment etc.

Nobody seems to be at the end of a phone anymore or you spend an hour or so waiting to try to speak to someone (while listening to music).

Recently a friend moved house and it took her days to contact companies to change her address, telephone number etc.

Nobody seems to want to answer the phone and help and advise people anymore. It’s all done online.

Where is the helpful member of staff that would go out of their way to advise and assist you?

It also very difficult to find anyone to contact directly over an issue that is important to you or your family.

Everything is done online.

Where is the personal contact and the kind helpful member of staff gone?

This is a disaster for us older generation who have in the past helped and assisted people ourselves in our career or job.

Recently my husband tried to book a block of tickets from Wightlink and they did not answer the phone and he just had to use the computer to get in touch with them.

There was one helpful gentleman but he also only contacted us by e-mail...no personal touch again.

We have become too reliant on our devices.

What would happened to this country/world if it all crashed? I hate to think.

Come on Wightlink and other well-known companies.

Get your act together and put staff at the end of a phone.

You never know, you might improve your sales by doing so.

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