Am I the only person thinking that the temporary one way diversions due to road works on St George’s Way in Newport are a vast improvement on the previous arrangements ?

Driving into Newport from the Shide direction the traffic moves smoothly into and around the roundabout leading to Medina Avenue because two sets of traffic control have been eliminated in Medina Avenue.

Driving into Newport from the Cowes/Ryde direction, the Coppins Bridge South Street exit is now also diverted to the roundabout leading into Medina Avenue.

All Church Litten traffic destined for the town centre or through traffic heading down South Street to Coppins Bridge no longer faces long delays from the old four-way lights at Morrisons.

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The through traffic can now easily exit from South Street onto Coppins Bridge as it no longer faces traffic from St George’s Way heading to Cowes and Ryde .

The St Georges Way scheme.

The St George's Way scheme.

Some ingenious person has created a magnificent one-way system, adding a few yards to the drive but without light controlled chaos in all directions.

Newport is no longer jammed with traffic which is now spaced out and running smoothly.

Congratulations to whoever designed this layout — do we really need anything else?

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