Cowes West and Gurnard member, Cllr Paul Fuller, is the Isle of Wight Council's housing and planning lead.

He was announced at the Isle of Wight Council meeting on Wednesday night and will serve on a cabinet led by new Isle of Wight Council leader, Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox.

Speaking to the County Press, Cllr Fuller, who is an independent, said:"I'm overwhelmed. We didn't really expect that.

"Housing and planning? It's a matter of working together, being inclusive and making sure we do the right thing by the people we're elected to represent.

"Over the next few weeks there will be lots of discussions with officers, other members and stakeholders - the town and parish councils.

"Listening to them and their aspirations is so important.

"It's about creating the right kind of housing and making sure that fits with the needs of the Island."

A campaign has been underway, including with the Isle of Wight's MP who is trying to get the Isle of Wight's housing target reduced.

Government targets have not been met in recent years.

Critics say the Island is being expected to build too many new houses and that what is being planned are not the required affordable ones, for Isle of Wight families.

Cllr Fuller says he has a good working relationship with Bob Seely.

He said: "We are on the same page on so many things and I think it's what unites us," Paul said.

"Reducing that housing figure is important and when you talk to people about the amount of houses, it's something they are concerned about.

"We need to have that discussion and see what government can do to support the Isle of Wight, because they see the Island as being very little different from what is over the other side of the water.

"We are very different. We are unique."

The Alliance is a diverse group of independent and party councillors.

Will they be able to hold together to lead the Isle of Wight Council?

Cllr Fuller says he is not naturally optimistic, but is "full of optimism" this time.