TODAY is the day when the new leader of the Isle of Wight Council will be decided.

In a crunch meeting this evening (Wednesday), the future of the council will fall into the hands of one or two councillors as they make up the deciding votes.

No party or group won enough seats in the elections earlier this month to gain overall control of the authority so it all comes down to a vote later today when fate will be decided.

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The Conservative party, who have 18 seats but needed 20 to retain control, will be fronting their new leader Cllr Steve Hastings to become the main man in charge after former leader Dave Stewart lost his seat.

However, with not enough guaranteed votes from Conservatives to gain the leadership position, there are more contenders for the top spot as negotiations and talks continue to secure those last few crucial votes.

Trying to gain support from two councillors may not be so hard for the Conservatives if they can find another councillor whose views are similar and for a fair deal.

Otherwise, with 21 opposition councillors, a figure from the other side of the chamber could come forward uniting everyone else.

This could potentially be:

  • Cllr Debbie Andre - leader of the largest opposing party to the Conservative administration previously (Island Independent Group)
  • Cllr Jonathan Bacon - the recently re-elected former leader of the council
  • Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox - former chairperson of the council
  • Cllr Ian Stephens - another former council leader now in a party of two for the Island Independent Network

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Or a number of long-standing, well-known councillors - it will all come down to a vote ... whoever 20 councillors get behind.

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The leader will then form a cabinet, with the councillor's responsible for making some of the biggest decision to affect the Island.

Check back in with the County Press later today for our LIVE coverage of the big meeting.

You can view the agenda of the meeting here. 

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