I AM at a loss to understand why Cllr Ian Ward (CP, 14-05-21) would think that the Ocean Hotel has a good future.

On what evidence is this based?

I have done my own research on the owner, Phoenix Commercial Property Development Ltd, and its sole director Stephen Graham Purvis.

This person has had involvement with 12 companies previously to Phoenix and is now currently associated with two companies, in addition to Phoenix, which have a total debt of £83k .

Phoenix has a mortgage on the property.

None of the companies is involved with property and the longest time Purvis has been involved in a company is five years.

All this information is freely available.

On a second issue, land banking is common all over the country and this is the reason for the low number of houses being built.

This country has a very good planning system when properly implemented. The government is intent on completely overhauling the planning process (Queen’s Speech) and giving free rein to developers in designated zones with no obligation to build affordable housing.

There will be no opportunity for residents to object. I responded to the recent consultation. Theresa May has already spoken out about it and so I don’t suppose she will vote for it. I wonder what our MP will do.

The proposed legislation is a sop to developers who are major Tory donors. Secretary of State Robert Jenrick’s favour to developer and donor Richard Desmond, where he overturned a Planning Inspectorate decision in order to save Desmond £40 million in Community Infrastructure Levy, should be remembered.

Islanders need to follow the voting record of our MP.

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