We are now two weeks on since the public elected new IW councillors and put the council in the position of no overall control.

In this time town, parish and community councils have met, selected their mayors, chairs, deputies and representatives for both internal and external bodies.

However, the IW Council is still yet to do so, but why? It has become clear the Conservatives are under the control of former UKIP councillor Steve Hasting, who has been resoundingly unsuccessful in forming a new administration.

The Conservatives haven’t only publicly released a letter calling for non-Conservative councillors to join them but they have even been calling up independents begging for their support. 61 per cent of Islanders voted against the Conservatives, thus diminishing any mandate they claim to have.

The public are fed up of the same only binary politics and have instead put their faith in 21 non-Conservative councillors, comprising of Independents, Greens, Labour, Our Island, Liberal Democrats, Vectis and Independent Network, to work together and put the Island first.

By Wednesday of this week we will not only know the new leader of the council but the make up of their new cabinet too.

The fate of the Island for the next four years lies in the hands of just the 39 councillors.

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