So, Dave Stewart’s guitar solo was out of tune and he mucked up his riffs and got booed off stage.

I am sure that Annie Lennox, given her politics, would be delighted.

And so was I, even though I normally vote Conservative.

It is an inescapable fact that while the Tories made substantial gains in the rest of the country in the recent local elections, the IW Conservatives bucked the trend and lost control of the council.

Definitely a C- there!

I would urge Mr Steve Hastings, the new leader of the Tory Group, to carry out a root and branch investigation into exactly what went wrong.

As a starter, he might wish to consider the possibility that his colleagues lost sight of one of the central tenets of democracy, namely that politicians are elected to serve the interests of their constituents and not to impose ridiculous policies on them in an autocratic and undemocratic manner.

Take the insane Gurnard parking scheme passed by the Tory administration at the council in March.

The main purpose of the scheme, which envisages painting double yellow lines and installing parking meters all along the scenic sea front from Gurnard to Cowes, appears to centre around using Gurnard residents as a cash cow for raising £66,000 to inflate the council coffers.

However, the projected revenue figures are vastly overinflated and do not even include the cost of the traffic wardens necessary to police the scheme.

One only needs to do a quick “back of the envelope calculation” to determine that after taking into account the cost of setting up the scheme, administering it and maintaining the parking ticket machines, the costs will far exceed any revenue.

The scheme is also likely to bankrupt a number of local businesses, including the historic Woodvale pub, and will cause mayhem in Gurnard village. It is bonkers from start to finish, and an act of civic vandalism.

It was strenuously opposed by residents and the then Tory-led council received 449 written objections and a petition from over 3,000 residents, but still blundered on regardless. No wonder they got a good kicking at the election; they deserved it.

If Mr Hastings wants to win back control of the council, I would urge him to pay more attention to the electorate and a good start would be to bury the Gurnard parking scheme in the deepest part of the Solent where it can never be resurrected.

Editor’s note: For those not au fait with 80s pop music, Mr Bromwich is referring to another Dave Stewart who appeared with Ms Lennox in the group Eurythmics.

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