A long-running Island-wide review of traffic regulations will move forward tomorrow (Friday). 

We are told to expect changes to some parking in Cowes, East Cowes, Northwood and Gurnard, the Isle of Wight Council says, though nothing has been finalised yet.

Views were originally sought in 2019 and consultation took place with town and parish councils, police and Isle of Wight Council members at the end of 2020. 

Now, a formal consultation is to be launched.  

In East Cowes, there have already been concerns raised when notices appeared on lampposts around the town.

Residents took to social media to say they are worried that some of the changes will makes the towns' existing parking problems worse.

Director of Neighbourhoods, Colin Rowland, said: "These changes are intended to make the roads in this area safer and easier for everyone to use.

"Most of the changes proposed here are very minor, but I know that a small change can sometimes make a big difference to local people's lives. 

"I am grateful to the town and parish councils and ward councillors in the area who took the time to make suggestions and send us feedback on the initial proposals we worked out. 

"We are still open to feedback on the proposed Traffic Regulation Orders so I hope people in Cowes, East Cowes, Northwood and Gurnard will take a look at what we're suggesting and let us know what they think."

Other areas of the Isle of Wight will get a similar review in future.

If you want to comment on the plans, email pfi@iow.gov.uk from tomorrow (May 14).