IT'S GOOD news for the budgies in Ventnor Park.

Skippers Sanctuary, formerly Wild Bird Aid, visited the birds in liaison with Friends of the Animals yesterday (Wednesday) and the charities are going to help Ventnor Enhancement Fund (VEF) care for the birds.

The 11 budgies have been temporarily taken out of the aviary while they await an appointment at the vets next week — giving the sanctuary more time to assess their behaviour and health.

It is anticipated just two or three of the birds will require veterinary treatment, for minor issues.

The move came after an article in last week's County Press, which raised concerns about the welfare of the birds.

Isle of Wight County Press: The budgies in Ventnor Park.The budgies in Ventnor Park.

The sanctuary's Claire Newsome-Hogan said: "I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the budgies. All are able to fly and feed, and show normal healthy budgie behaviour.

"The budgies look to be of varying ages, and a couple of the older ones are displaying what could be potential symptoms of health issues common to older budgies.

"I see nothing that requires urgent treatment, and the budgies are all active and singing.

"The aviary itself, while an older style, actually serves the budgies well."

Some minor issues with the aviary have been raised, and will be tweaked. As it is not practical to install a heater, Skippers has offered to house the budgies in the colder months.

The budgies will now receive monthly checks.

A spokesperson from VEF said: "We were obviously extremely concerned by the distressing article last week, and were delighted to receive an immediate offer of assistance from FOTA. Skippers bird sanctuary was also brought in.

"The VEF were reassured by the expert's assessment, and to allay public concerns it was agreed all the birds should be given a check up by a vet.

"Skippers and FOTA will be working closely with VEF and Ventnor Town Council in the future, but there were no immediate concerns. The birds' welfare remains our primary focus as always."

Izzy Stritton, who raised the initial concern about the welfare of the birds, said today: "I have tried so hard for two years, contacting people to try to get something done, that I cannot believe it has finally happened.

"The County Press article must have made everyone aware of the condition of these poor birds. The fact they are getting to see a vet is beyond wonderful.

"It just shows, if you know something is wrong and you keep trying to do something about it, you might change something in the end."

Isle of Wight County Press: Izzy Stritton with her beloved parrot Lokie. Izzy raised concerns about the park's budgies.Izzy Stritton with her beloved parrot Lokie. Izzy raised concerns about the park's budgies.

Friends of the Animals is kindly funding the veterinary treatment.

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